Everyday we experience great and amazing things, but how many of those moments do you have eternalized in a photograph? Memories can sometimes fade with time, but when you look at a photo it's as if you're sent back through time into that beautiful moment. When thinking of your big day, or even just thinking of yourself and how you've grown so wonderfully into a new soul on a journey all your own- you want to have photos to look back on. I'm here to provide you with that magical album full of beauty and wonder.

Magic & Fey


Body positivity between two spirits is what creates true magic in a relationship. This package is for the couples who wish to connect on a deeper level through a sound bowl couple meditation and sensual photography session. Let's make some magic!

Inner Flame


To love your body you must first accept it. The curves, the angles, the imperfect perfections of the human anatomy. This package begins with a sound bowl session to create your body positive mantra followed by a photoshoot session to find your inner flame.

Sound Bowl Meditation


This package is for the sound bowl session only and focuses on the mental mindset you have on your body. The session will help you in healing body love trauma and creating a body positive mantra to enable you to continue your healing journey.


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From eloping underneath waterfalls, to gathering the whole family to your wedding under a floral arch- I want to make sure the memories are just as magical through your photos as they are through your eyes on that big day.

Extra Magical Add-Ons:

Veiled Mirror Work


As I do in my larger workshops, I am now offering on a more intimate scale during solo sessions. I will guide you through a reflection workshop to teach you how to see the beauty of who you are mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Oracle Cards Reading


Using my Nature Oracle deck, I will guide you through a reading to discover your truest self. We will delve into some buried magic and reflect upon what may be holding you back from your healing journey.

Energy Breath Work


As I learned deep in the jungle of Costa Rica, I am now bringing to my clients back home. I will take you through some breathing exercises before your session to connect you to your highest self.


How many pictures will we receive?

I always choose quality over quantity, but I do love to give you as much variety as possible. For a solo/couples sessions, you will receive up to 30-40 edited photos. For large events and elopements, you will receive up to 200 edited photos in your package depending on the number of hours. No matter what, you will love each and every one of them.

Where are you based and do you travel?

My studio is based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, but I travel all over the states and sometimes over seas. I make sure my current location is up to date anytime I am contacted for a project.

When will we get our photos?

You will receive your online gallery within 1 - 2 weeks. This will include all your photos professionally edited and uploaded to your very own personal album only accessible through a password and pin code. Some sessions, like the base packages, may only take a few days for me to edit depending upon my current schedule.

How do you photograph weddings/elopements?

I love non-traditional weddings and styles that truly represent the bride and groom rather than the same mold everyone else tries to fit into. Destination weddings/elopements are what I absolutely love to photograph. It will be me, my flowy top, leggings, and my trust camera equipment bouncing around to make sure all those angles are captured from your magical day of Eros.

Do you ever do mini sessions?

I'm always open for new projects and would love to hear about anything I could possibly help you create. Just email me and we can chat about it!

Do you require a down payment?

Yes! I require 50% up front to save the date and then the other 50% at the time of the shoot. This allows me to solidify my schedule and my dates for sessions.

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