Pole & Aerial Fitness of SWFL, Bonita Springs, FL

May 20th @ 5PM - Sign Up Here!

A two hour experience

Embrace the Now

Take in the sensations.

This is your reality.

It's time to make it fill you with nothing but light.

Through enlightening and emotional activities exploring body image, self love, and societal values; we will guide you on new ways to see yourself for who you truly are, not what society has made you believe. This workshop will have you crossing veils, moving energy, and delving into that divine goddess energy to help you begin this new year strong.

“Beyond the veil of society you will see the land of Fey, so welcoming to the soul it will feel as though you always belonged.”

Fey & Feathers Poetry

Come get comfy with us!

What you will need to bring...

  • Comfy mat or blanket
  • Yoga/Workout Comfies
  • Water Bottle
  • Towel
  • Journal & Pen (Optional - others will be provided)
  • Anything else you would like for meditation- crystals, etc.

Meet my co-host, Sarah Serabian.

Energy Movement Guide

Sarah is a belly dancer, yogi, and artist with a passion for uplifting other women by spreading the joy of movement and creativity.

Sarah is a magnet for good energy and I am so blessed to be hosting a magical workshop alongside this goddess of smiles.