Hi, I'm Abigail Mackenzie.

I am a professional photographer specializing in sensual and creative portraiture as well as boudoir and self portrait modeling. I have published works with a myriad of journals and magazines, but my most cherished publications are for wildlife projects I've worked on with different non-profit rescues.

I began this crazy journey professionally a few years ago, and since then I have grown exceptionally as an artist and as an individual. I've met some beautiful people and have fallen in love with the idea of making people feel truly themselves- helping them find their inner flame.

If you're ready to become that exotic god/goddess you feel lingering beneath the surface, then say no more. Come create with me, the limits are boundless and the magic is forever.



“Abigail is so creatively out there. I loved every photo taken. She really is the one to go to for abstract ideas and concepts. I will definitely be working with her more. She’s AMAZING! And her dog is the cutest!!”


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