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The art of fantasy storytelling

Love is Pure & Ever Transcending.

From engagements to red thread ceremonies to weddings- I get so giddy thinking of how I can capture your love in a frame. But beyond the lens, I offer a complete embodiment session for couples, photos included, to embrace your romance and connect on a deeper level of comfort.

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The gathering of sisters

Absolute Freedom to Just Be.

Connection is what I capture. Magic is what I use. The energy created when women support other women through workshops and play- I create spaces to allow you to explore your magical & creative side in a safe and dreamy realm.

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Embody the mythical

The Art of the Fey: Embracing You

Capturing the essence of you in your purest state of mind is what I dream of. You are a piece of art. Allow me to show you. Join me in the private Oasis in South Florida where we will journey into the realm of Fey. Dip your toes in the waterfall that leads to the natural pool. Say hello to the exotic rescue birds and fall in love with yourself again.

“"I just can't see it anymore- the line which blurs reality from unreality. I believe I can see them now, the Fey folk. How beautiful they are just as they are- raw and made of nothing but Nature's aether."”


will you bite into the everchanging aether and allow me to guide you on your self love embodiment experience?

Magic this way